Let’s talk.

I regularly get requests from individuals looking for a little help with their with how-to, where-to, what-is and who-can questions.

With 35 years of work history in non-profits, sme’s, agencies, multinationals, industry organizations and as a business owner, I am known for sharing insights, knowledge expertise and connections from my broad background, wide range of experience and extensive network. We generally cover a lot of ground in a short period of time and clients leave with zero-cost actions they take immediately, having identified and clarified their existing resources.

As our digital world expands, the lines between work and personal life are blurring and I often address issues that cross the line between between office and home life, so I have launched a simple and affordable package with something for everyone.

Introductions and referrals are included … naturally.

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Contact me to book your session in person, on the phone or by skype.

In a casual session, we talk about anything you like, identify issues that surface during our discussion and come up with practical ideas and steps you can take right away, often without spending more money. The service is popular with professionals, business owners, start-ups, executives and parents who often arrange for time with their children.


Insights and introductions

During our time together, I may also suggest, recommend or introduce others in my network who can provide products and services to meet any needs we have identified in the session.

NOTE: I do not receive fees or payment of any kind for referrals.


Bring questions. Get answers.

  • I am thinking of leaving my job to start a new career.
  • My daughter who is being taunted by a group of boys.
  • My kids who are overwhelmed with homework.
  • I need help marketing my products and services.
  • I am thinking of starting my own business.
  • I just moved and need help finding stuff.

Contact me to book your session.

Bring your to do list and leave with renewed clarity and steps you can take immediately.

“Kinzie has great organizational skills, has great attention to detail and a tremendous gift for bringing zest and color to everything she touches. Every entrepreneur should have a Kinzie. It is rare to find someone who can stay calm and focused when everyone else is losing their mind. I recommend Kinzie as a trusted advisor who has great wisdom to impart for those smart enough to listen.” Kevin Trczinski, Founder, CASBAA Directory