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The Project

"I was impressed with how you had extracted some key points from the 'Easyway' material sent to you and how you were spot on with the selling points / points of interest so the above project may be right up your street. As a small company our pockets are not so deep, however we have a budget for the total project." Claire Saunders, General Manager

EventClicks has been in operation since the end of the year 2000 - first as a 'dot com' (an on-line venue finding service for the meetings and events industry) and then very quickly evolving into a full service event management company headquartered in HK with a smaller office Singapore. The majority shareholder purchased the previous owning company with EventClicks left to largely operate independently. With independent branding within parent group clear, work recommenced on re-launching positioning in the market place. With a new website in development the client required website text, a new sales kit, collateral and an updated PowerPoint presentation. The client also needed a complete cleanup of their industry press list and a media release of the new site and team once the site was complete. Additional marketing initiatives included links and listings on industry websites, forming part of the overall re-launch marketing plan. The client's own background is hospitality marketing communications. With the experience to take the the work on board, there was not time to dedicate to it and the client felt that fresh creativity and a slightly new angle was required.

"I love it!! its very personal & straight from the heart."

Aniza Acquavella, Regional Director of Events

The project included :

- Copywriting of new web text

- New collateral and format for sales kit

- Fully updated PowerPoint : design, text and picture layout

- Complete clean-up of industry media list

- Media release to launch new site

"That's great - thanks Kinzie - it makes such a difference having a 'fresh pair of eyes' looking at this!" - Claire Saunders, General Manager

"Very nice - thank you - we were really looking for something along these lines" - Aniza Acquavella, Regional Director of Events

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