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Holistic Business Consultant

As media continues to transform itself, few professionals have surfed at the crest of the wave with as much energy as Kinzie, a communications expert who has excelled in a variety of senior Asia Pacific roles since arriving in Hong Kong from Canada in 1992.

Described as 'a real force of nature,' her unique straightforward approach is a favorite with clients who value informed simplicity in a complex region defined by its variety of international, regional and cultures.

Kinzie takes a hands-on approach, developing practical solutions for clients who are committed to delivering an authentic message to an informed audience. With a head for business and heart for all things natural, she brings energy and enthusiasm to life.

She loves coloring outside the lines and her creative insights are sought after by clients looking for the real thing, even when they're not entirely sure what they're looking for.

Kinzie worked for MNCs, SMEs and trade associations in media, hospitality, retail and training with a proven track record in management, sales and business development before setting out as an independent contractor 1999. She founded Connections Unlimited in 2000 to offer one-stop-shopping for media, marketing and publicity. Clients learn how to integrate traditional promotional campaigns with rapidly changing digital tools.

She works on contract with clients, empowering business owners, leaders and teams to harness the power of efficiency for sustainable growth and development. While available for execution, her expertise lies in the areas of strategy, revenue generation and integrated communications plans. Through her network, she refer vendors for necessary execution and project manage as requested or draws on her experience as a headhunter to assist with placement if required.

Her experience goes back to a time before we were all connected in cyberspace she naturally integrates digital and traditional programs.

Kinzie is a prolific writer and a lover of all things natural -- always ready to make new connections.