Love notes

“I follow your work with great joy, it resonates a lot. I frequently hear your name mentioned and I look forward to the chance to meet in person one day.” Tanya

“I recommend Kinzie as a trusted advisor who has great wisdom to impart for those smart enough to listen.” Kevin Trczinski, Founder, CASBAA Directory

“HK heartbeat – natural life in the fast line, was a ‘market first’ in Hong Kong and Kinzie has done a fantastic job in providing a one stop platform that connects sustainable and organically focused businesses to ecologically concerned individuals in Hong Kong. Sustainability here is now hot, but it has taken many years to embed it into Hong Kong psyche and HK heartbeat’s newsletter has helped with that.” Ciara Shannon

“Thanks Kinzie! I had a session with Kinzie and she offered great insight for promoting and marketing my business. Her advice and feedback was invaluable.” Nicole Graham, Founder and Director, Bauhinia Solutions

“I can see things changing – even small things can make the world of difference and we’re feeling really positive, mostly thanks to people like you who keep positively plugging away.” Jo Rowek, Founder, Living Lamma”

Thank you for your lovely weekly emails. I always look forward to them.” Angie Bucu

“HK heartbeat publications works and Kinzie has been as much informative as inspiring. I often forward to friends her post and thoughts.” Host and Founder, CleanTuesday Asia

“What a great variety of events on your calendar! Thanks for making it easy for us to find nice things in our city.” Kumi Masunaga, Drum Jam

“I just loved this article. Your newsletter is one of my several connections with my beloved Hong Kong. Thank you for being so active. I truly believe what you do is so important. Some people are very short sighted and Hong Kong is about instant gratification in nearly everything …” Christa Koch

“I love it!! It’s very personal & straight from the heart” Aniza Acquavella, EventClicks

“Kinzie, you are bang on the nail. Thanks for that, you’re so right. Cheers for putting it so clearly.” Relieved mom

“Kinzie is very, very good at her job! I look forward to our time together. What I appreciate most is that Kinzie nurtures within me the skills that I need to do this work on my own.” Glynis Stevens, Spiritual guide, coach, speaker and author

“Kinzie has broad range of capabilities. She excels in everything she pursues.” William Pfeiffer, CEO, Dragongate Entertainment

“Kinzie was, and continues to be, a fabulous networker. Kinzie takes a holistic approach to everything she does and always works in the best interest of her clients” Isobel King, Business Analyst

“Kinzie has a tremendous gift for bringing zest and color to everything she touches. It is rare to find someone who can stay calm and focused when everyone else is losing their mind. I recommend Kinzie as a trusted advisor who has great wisdom to impart for those smart enough to listen. Every entrepreneur should have a Kinzie.” Kevin Trzcinski, Entrepreneur

“Kinzie is a creative and motivated person who brings energy and enthusiasm to all of her projects.” Erik Laykin, Managing Director at Duff & Phelps

Kinzie is highly professional and very competent — A pleasure to work with.” Alex Moore, Director at Rosa’s London

“Thanks so much for helping to start this process. This is a very good structure — we have a lot to go on. The sketch provides a good starting point.” Women Entrepreneurs Network

“I can’t imagine Hong Kong without you! It is good to know that you are there.” Christel Wilk, Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre

“I feel much more clear about my options and confident about my choices” Former investment banker

“Thank you for being so understanding. I admire your efficiency and It was a great pleasure to work with you!” Omega Wu,

“You are my tonic.” HK club owner

“My son is still raving about you. Thank you.” Happy mom