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Independent contractors are attractive in times of reduced head-count when the work needs to be done with fewer employees on staff. Outsourcing and subcontracting makes sense to manage cash flow by bringing in expertise on demand only as required. Businesses and professionals tightening their purse strings or postponing new hires contact me for advice on how to reduce waste and maximize efficiency.

My approach is to empower clients with market information, practical skills and business connections. I specialize in thinking outside the box to deliver strategic advice, brainstorming exercises, new business ideas, market intelligence, skills training and critical feedback on materials, processes, decisions and projects.

It was during the 1997 Asian crisis that I first considered leaving my job as a head hunter and setting up a career counseling service. During 2003, while restaurants were failing and retail was suffering, my clients offering health and wellness services expanded their businesses as people in Hong Kong looked to boost their immunity and address long-term health. Today, clients facing job loss due to downsizing are calling me looking to improve efficiency and introduce programs to empower their teams with new skills ... more

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