Based in Hong Kong, I promote businesses with a commitment to balance.

From introductions to fully integrated communications — I’ve got you covered.

How can I be of service?

+ Referrals
+ Copy writing
+ News releases
+ Product launches
+ Creative promotions
+ Business development
+ Online strategy and digital marketing
+ Business matching and introductions
+ Integrated communications planning
+ Branding and strategic marketing
+ Social media setup and strategy
+ Event production

As founder of the HK heartbeat natural lifestyle community, I am ready to connect you with thousands of local and international organizations, businesses and individuals making healthy profits with balanced choices every day … naturally.

Since 1992, I have worked in the local and regional media industry across Asia helping companies who may or may not have in-house senior marketing staff. With a combination of execution and training, we review your vision, align all of your communications programs and streamline your activities with a straightforward, integrated strategy to drives business forward while using your resources efficiently. I have helped a wide range of clients reduce costs and increase revenue by improving efficiency with a better understanding their own communications needs and I would love to do the same for you.

As Executive Conference Producer for AAJA-Asia’s 2017 New.Now.Next Media Conference, I oversaw the entire event production with a team of volunteers for their return to Hong Kong. In addition to providing advisory and managing execution, I built a solid infrastructure for future events, recruited partners, coordinated sponsorship and attracted participants committed to supporting diversity, professionalism and ethics in journalism.

Call me and we’ll get started right away with a brief, informal chat … let’s talk.