From ideas to implementation — get practical solutions for every budget

My experience covers everything from non-profits, start-ups and small businesses to multinational media corporations launching their businesses in Asia. Following 8 years of non-profit experience in Canada, I arrived in Hong Kong and learned how business Chinese style. Since 2000, I have been providing original solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes from around the world. My flexible approach is designed to suit every budget … read more.

“Kinzie has a tremendous gift for bringing zest and color to everything she touches. It is rare to find someone who can stay calm and focused when everyone else is losing their mind. I recommend Kinzie as a trusted advisor who has great wisdom to impart for those smart enough to listen. Every entrepreneur should have a Kinzie.” Kevin Trzcinski, CASBAA Directory

Promotions – product launch, events, publicity
Branding – identity, creation, process, strategy, review
Newsletters – print & digital, strategy, platforms, design, editorial plans
Alliances – strategic partnerships, joint promotions & sponsorship, network referrals
Media – advertising and publicity strategy, media relations, news releases, story angles
Technology – electronic publishing, dbase design/management, web strategy/production
Writing – features, blog posts, corporate, web content, news releases, brochures, proposals
Events – conferences, seminars, fundraising, concept, management, venue, design, theme
Training – communications, sales, team building, electronic marketing, technology, soft skills
Recruitment – needs analysis, shortlist, advertising, candidate selection, contract negotiation
Consulting – marketing, trends, branding, identity, promotions, relationship management, integration
Publications – digital & paper newsletters, brochures, premiums, company materials, calendars
Sales – business development, client presentations, materials,  contract negotiations
Digital – offline integration, internet, EDM, e-newsletters, strategies
Communications – facilitation, design, processes, templates
Advertising – review and improve materials and media plans
Publishing – custom publication for your target audience
Agencies – messaging coordination, creative briefs
Materials – business cards, brochures, templates
Critique – program/materials review, ideas

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