About me

I have tried and failed at many things and learned a lot along the way.

From my early days as a farm hand, gardener, cook and nanny to 3 younger siblings in a family of 8 among a community of pioneers, I learned from the start that connection is essential for survival and that resilience is non-negotiable when enduring long Canadian prairies winters.

Since the 70s, I have taken an active interest in writing and was first published at age 13 in the Western Producer when my poetry submissions were accepted. The first in my family to graduate high school, I left home at age 16 and worked part time to finance my bachelor’s degree, convocating in 1984 from University of Saskatchewan.

My career began in the province and I worked next door in Alberta for a few years before accepting a job in Montreal, relocating to Toronto and I was living on my own in heart of Hong Kong by 1992.

I entered the world of business Asian style after years with nonprofits in Canada.

The corporate experience I gained as an account director, in-house marketing director, sales & communications director, broadcast industry headhunter and membership director for the regional trade association eventually led me to set out my own in 2000 with Connections Unlimited.

The following year, HK heartbeat marked a return to my roots as I founded Hong Kong’s first wellness community, sharing content and nurturing local connections for natural life in the fast lane.

My approach to business is big-picture — seeing how each part connects with the other, converting renewable resources into positive energy, trading fairly with suppliers, uncovering the story behind products and services, creating a healthy, safe and fun place to work and live.

Beyond providing a service, I encourage clients to learn practical skills, improve efficiency and reduce all forms of waste. My tool of choice is communications.

Clients develop an understanding of how media works, gain market knowledge, understand the basics of branding and receive training and advisory services from my low-carbon headquarters in a remote community in the world’s biggest fishing village.

Knowledge has no borders.

Everything is connected.
Listen to your own heartbeat.