I work with business owners, leaders and teams on a contract basis, providing guidance on strategy, product and  service development and launch, social media, publicity, promotions and events. My services are tailored for each individual client in order to take best advantage of my broad background … read more.

With over 30 years of international experience in media, retail, wellness, hospitality, advertising, entertainment, telecoms, finance, education and non-profits, I work with you to create original solutions for your business that are based on practical, hands-on knowledge in a variety of environments.

In addition to business clients, I work with individuals who approach me with all kinds of questions. I draw on my education, my professional experience and my personal adventures to explore options and offer support on a wide range of topics, including and not limited to family and relationships, health and wellness, career and work, travel and relocation, married and single life and the pursuit of a balanced life in the fast lane.

Working in Hong Kong provides a unique opportunity to build an international network because people come and go on a regular basis. Wherever they are from, new residents are connected with their home community when they arrive and wherever they go, they extend my network to a new location.

Clients from around the world consider me their go-to personal holistic guide when exploring life balance, career guidance, green living, natural health, authentic connections, mindful choices, energy healing, intuitive support, managing change, or when they are simply in need of a positive energy boost … naturally.

As the founder of HK heartbeat, my professional network continues to expand beyond the world’s biggest fishing village, reaching across Asia and around the world … naturally.

From ideas to implementation – practical solutions for every budget.

  • Writing & editing
  • Web development
  • Social media support
  • Strategic communications
  • Authentic branding and identity
  • Publicity for your products and services
  • Inspiration and motivation for your team
  • Effective and efficient communications
  • Streamlined business operations
  • An engaging newsletter
  • An effective website
  • Content management
  • Engaging events

“I perceive your role as advising wisely – with practical sound advice. I will need that in the near future again for the social networking definitely. What you do is inject energy and can-do feelings, which is sooo important in business! I also perceive that I’ll need this regularly from you in the next year.” SME Owner

“Now I’ve got a great set of templates and lots of great ideas” – SME Owner

Get in touch to shorten your to-do list and lighten your work load.