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A plastic love story

When the director of the award-winning film, A Plastic Ocean, reaches out and offers you his seat at a fully booked screening because you left it to the last minute, the correct answer is, “yes”.

Thank you, Craig.

I was expecting to see a horror film, but instead I was moved to tears by a most beautiful love story about the wonder that is our little blue planet.

Please do yourself a favor and watch A Plastic Ocean. It’s available on Netflix.

Consider organizing a community screening for your crew or your school.

“From knowing comes caring. From caring comes change.” Craig Leeson

It is clear from the opening moments that this moving film is a real life love story about our oceans from a team who is clearly in love with their work and that plastic is not the enemy. Plastic is oil in another form and our landfills are bursting with this untapped resource. Durable plastics are one of our greatest inventions. Single use disposable plastics have become an addiction and it is time for an intervention.

Read up on a few of the solutions introduced in the film, including The Plastic Bank, Fair Trade Plastic, Plastic Recycling Micro Economies, Social Plastic, Organic Plastic Infrastructure and Pyrolysis.

BYOB – bottle, bag, bowl … and whatever else you can think of.

Be the change.

Update: 20 May 2018

Plastic fishing
Plastic fishing

Today’s catch – I had help from my new friend, Craig. He’s 9. Same name, different Craig. We had fun fishing together. And I got some good fresh air and exercise. Imagine the wildlife that won’t mistake these bits for food. As long as the sea continues to offer me plastic bags, I will accept her invitation to fill them.

UPDATE: 21 May 2018

Plastic fishing bpx and a
Plastic fishing box and a “Clean Bag”

Just when I thought there would be no bags today, I looked out and saw a polystyrene box floating in on the horizon. I waited patiently while it drifted in on the waves until it was close enough to grab and fill … and that’s when the bags showed up. I snagged a lovely, durable blue bag and a couple of big shopping bags and stashed them in my secret, shady spot for future use. I’m not exactly sure what is meant by a “Clean Bag” or how it relates to “Clean Heart & Nature” but it was printed on one of the bags I fished it from the sea today.

The HK Marine Department makes a contribution.
The HK Marine Department makes a contribution.
Australia’s beautiful bag