Connections Unlimited

Integrated . Interactive . Direct

Connecting through experience and storytelling … naturally

Growing up in a remote farming community virtually off the grid meant more food than cash and provided a strong foundation of resilience, resourcefulness and innovation aka farmer’s fix.

Insights from five decades of service offer integrated solutions to many issues we face today, working with individuals, businesses and governments as we begin to remember what we used to know.

Simple steps begin with the power of truthful and respectful communications.

— Bring people together
— Empower with information
— Create open spaces for sharing
— Provide opportunities to connect
— Inspire with everyday actions
— Express gratitude … repeat

From Saskatchewan 4-H Regional Coordinator to Membership Director of the Asia Video Industry Association, I have had taken senior communications roles with non-profit and commercial organizations of all sizes and shapes from the beginning. With every project, I dedicate bring an unrivaled resourcefulness born out situational need capped with decades of experience in media (publishing, internet, broadcasting, public relations, advertising sales/planning/buying, social) HR, F&B, logistics, theatre, education, youth leadership and event management.

I founded HK heartbeat in 2001 to serve a largely unknown and commercially ignored community of enthusiastic, intelligent and dedicated holistic professionals and organizations. The service was launched as a free, text-only weekly email newsletter and the popular lifestyle brand is flourishing today, connecting natural pioneers leading the way and sharing decades of experience with our active membership. Together, we aim to meet rapidly growing public demand for trusted content about the variety of connections between our health and the health of our planet to make informed everyday choices. The network is operated a loss-making private business built with an abundance of sweat equity, zero cash investment and virtually unlimited prospects for growth.

My professional services are provided in person and online on an hourly contract basis and an affordable, sliding-scale rate card. I like to begin with an initial review and analysis after which we agree on a best-practice execution plan including optional training and follow up activities on request. I have developed an exceptionally high degree of resourcefulness from living on my own and operating independently in the world’s most famously expensive city.

Zero-waste is embedded in my approach today and has been a guiding principle from the beginning. I love watching seemingly disjointed experiences thread together into magical moments and make perfect sense of everything.

E pluribus unum

Everything is connected.
Listen to your own heartbeat.

— Event Producer
— Online Publisher
— Strategic Planner
— Community Leader
— Business Developer
— Amateur Photographer
— Collaborative Promoter
— Handmade Designer
— Authentic Marketer
— Product Launcher
— Unbiased Writer
— Brand Manager
— Digital Diva
— LinkedIn

From introductions to fully integrated communications — I’ve got you covered.

How can I be of service?

— Referrals
— Copy writing
— News releases
— Product launches
— Creative promotions
— Business development
— Online strategy and digital marketing
— Business matching and introductions
— Integrated communications planning
— Branding and strategic marketing
— Social media setup and strategy
— Event production

As founder of the HK heartbeat natural lifestyle community, I am ready to connect you with thousands of local and international organizations, businesses and individuals making healthy profits with balanced choices every day … naturally.

Since 1992, I have worked in the local and regional media industry across Asia helping companies who may or may not have in-house senior marketing staff. With a combination of execution and training, we review your vision, align all of your communications programs and streamline your activities with a straightforward, integrated strategy to drives business forward while using your resources efficiently. I have helped a wide range of clients reduce costs and increase revenue by improving efficiency with a better understanding their own communications needs and I would love to do the same for you.

As Executive Conference Producer for AAJA-Asia’s 2017 New.Now.Next Media Conference, I oversaw the entire event production with a team of volunteers for their return to Hong Kong. In addition to providing advisory and managing execution, I built a solid infrastructure for future events, recruited partners, coordinated sponsorship and attracted participants committed to supporting diversity, professionalism and ethics in journalism.

Breathe fresh air into your organization and support your team with bespoke programs to capitalize on your best assets, mine untapped resources and build resilience and sustainability into your brand’s DNA by engaging loyal and dedicated stakeholders who are passionate about socially responsible development.

Call me and we’ll get started right away with a brief, informal chat … let’s talk.