Love beads necklace – Blue Frost

Inspired by nature and designed for everyday, Love Beads by Kinzie are hand crafted with mindful attention and creative energy. Each unique piece is consciously created from a selection of beads that carry the stories of the craftspeople who made them, the tradespeople who sold them and the traveler who has been collecting since 1992 in adventures around the world.

Blue Frost

Materials: Antique frosted glass with seed beads and 925 silver clasp
Necklace Length: 140cm
Price: US$68 (currency converter)
Delivery: via post
Note: One of a kind

Blue Frost - Love Beads Handmade by Kinzie

Blue Frost - Love Beads Handmade by Kinzie

Blue Frost - Love Beads Handmade by Kinzie

Blue Frost Love Beads - Handmade by Kinzie

Blue Frost - Love Beads Handmade by Kinzie

Christmas gift bags

Use fabric gift bags under the tree instead of wrapping paper this year and next year and the year after that.¬†These locally made, hand crafted, durable, reusable Christmas gift bags are perfect for sweets and candies, biscuits and cookies or other goodies and gifts to make your eco-choices easy … naturally.

  • Small – HK$50: 27cm x 32cm (ie. jewelry, electronics) – shop online
  • Medium – HK$70: 33cm x 48cm (ie. books, toys) – shop online
  • Large – HK$90: 40cm x 50cm (ie. games, Santa bag) – shop online

The bags are machine washable and all seams are finished to last a lifetime.

Order: shop at
Currency converter :

Feel free to request something made specially for you.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

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Fabric Gift Bag made from cotton fabric – eco-responsible – reusable

These reusable drawstring gift bags are made of cotton print and matching ribbon in bright red and green.



Holiday gift bag collection 2015



Wine bags


Dress your wine for dinner with the perfect hostess gift.

Material : Viscose brocade
Price : HK$98 (currency converter)
Buy : Online shop
Handmade by Kinzie
Colors: Navy, Red, Cream, Burgundy, Black/Red

Note : Postage is included in the price

Ever wish you had something other than a commercial plastic bag to present your bottle of wine? These handmade bottle bags are finished with french seams to prevent fraying and ensure a long life. One of my favorite moments was arriving at a dinner party and seeing one I had gifted presented to the hostess … pay it forward.