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Born in the west and at home in the east — everything I have done and everyone I have met led me here.

In my work as a consultant, I assist professionals with business and communications (analogue and digital) by guiding clients through the process. I offer support with training to encourage individuals to take charge of their projects by making it easy for them to understand what has taken me more than 30 years to learn.

I am a big fan of learning by doing.

In addition to business clients, individuals call on me when they are looking for personal and professional support — life balance, green living, natural health, mindful choices, career guidance, managing change and more … naturally

I have made Hong Kong my home since 1992.

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In 1999, emergency spinal surgery knocked me out of the 24/7 dot-com startup game, I started my own business and have worked freelance since 2000 — here is that story.

I am the founder of HK heartbeat — a natural guide for life in the fast lane.

As an independent entrepreneur, I have developed a hands-on understanding of all aspects of my business and am happy to help others shortcut through my learning experiences — some might call them mistakes. My computer skills are all self-taught as I did not have access to a PC until my third job out of university — before windows so it was all coding all the time.

My clients choose the skills they want to learn so they can do what they want to do themselves and learn how to outsource the rest to the experts with a understanding of what needs to be done.

I grew up in a rural area where community is not optional and have used what I learned to stay connected, gain insights and share useful information with my large and constantly expanding network. I remember the arrival of the VCR, CD, fax machine, email and the internet and how they changed communications so I took to social media like a fish in water.

Born on a family farm on the Canadian prairies have developed the multitude of manual skills you would expect in a male. I always thought the boys’ stuff was a lot more fun but as the oldest daughter, I was not excused from the cooking, sewing, baking, gardening and DIY skills essential for farm women everywhere.

At the heart of my expertise, I am most proud of my resourcefulness and efficiency. I know how to turn a dime into a dollar and I have become a digital whiz at creating something spectacular out of nothing at all. Reducing, reusing, recycling, up-cycling are standard values and non-negotiable in my world.

From the beginning — we lived in a house with no hot running water, a wood stove and an outdoor toilet (minus 40 in winter!) until I was 6 — I ignored the limitations of my humble roots. I have been motivated to teach myself what I need to know, a skill I learned from a young age.

The first in my family of 6 siblings to graduate high school, I was also the first of my 46 cousins to attend university. I became self-reliant from the time I left home, working part time to put myself through school and earning my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan before my 21st birthday. With only farmers and miners and mechanics as role models, I was left to find my own way in the world of business without knowledge of the existence of mentors. Although it did not open doors, my degree provided a strong framework, preparing me well for where I am today and I still use much of what I studied on a regular basis.

I have lived in Pike Lake, Saskatoon, North Battleford, St Paul, Fort McMurray, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Queenstown and the French Riviera. My travels have introduced me to Cuba, Malaysia, The Philippines, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand, Indonesia, NYC, Taiwan, Australia, Los Angeles, France, Costa Rica and Peru. Fortunately, there are many places yet to be explored on our little blue planet.

People have called me many things over the years and some of the highlights include digital diva, volunteer coordinator, rock picker, marketing director, gypsy jewelry vendor, event organizer, youth program leader, PR lady, media headhunter, moderator, spiritual comedian, broadcast industry specialist, heavy equipment operator, advertising sales manager, baby whisperer, web maven, holistic wellness pioneer, start-up adviser, networking queen, green room host, team builder, ice-hockey player, actress, natural business guru, organist, photographer, wordsmith, gardener, editor, inspirational speaker, cook, designer, promoter, seamstress, entrepreneur, piano teacher and poet … among many.

Today, I balance my time between consulting and creating. I enjoy helping businesses of all sizes save time, money and trees by providing communications services and training. In 2001, I launched HK heartbeat with a weekly email newsletter and have since learned the language of code in order to build and maintain a Hong Kong’s first website dedicated to natural life in the fast lane. Recently, I picked up my jewelry tools and started designing jewelry, creating one-of-a-kind pieces combining beads I have collected from my travels throughout Asia.

When I look back over my first half-century, I can say with certainty I have no idea what the next one will look like.

There is a peace in knowing the adventures will continue … naturally.

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