Let’s get started

We begin with a session to review your activities and address issues that surface during our time together. Through a series of practical exercises, we generate cost-effective ideas and outline steps to extend your existing resources immediately with a little outside expertise.

During the session, I ask a series of probing questions, offer insightful feedback and make professional recommendations.  The service I offer reaches beyond local Hong Kong promotions — my clients gain a new clarity about their own intentions and their purpose in offering their products and services. It is this very insight that informs their choices and decisions and communications, making plans moving forward with greater ease and clear direction. I remain available to provide professional services as required in their plans moving forward, but my ongoing involvement is not always an essential component of future success.

Clients learn how to extend their budget by using existing resources more creatively. We explore new ways of working with suppliers and partners more effectively to improve outcomes and generate sustainable growth that comes more easily.

Valuable skills for established businesses, start-ups, non-profit organizations and agencies

During our time together, I may also suggest, introduce and propose joint projects with contacts from organizations and/or vendors in my professional networks. My connections are central to my operation and clients who come for referrals take away a plan complete with the contact details to make it happen.

While I have been doing business development for 30+ years worked for 20+ years in Hong Kong, natural products is my passion and I have 15 years of experience in this field, with a strong network of local connections that extends into China, Asia and around the world.

Bring your to do list and leave with renewed clarity and steps for immediate action.

I remain available to provide follow-up services — offering my time by email/phone/skype on a flexible basis.

Following the initial session, we may agree on deliverables or you can contact me for feedback, advice and ongoing support.

The initial session is available as a single booking or as part of a project package.

“Kinzie has great organizational skills, has great attention to detail and a tremendous gift for bringing zest and color to everything she touches. Every entrepreneur should have a Kinzie. It is rare to find someone who can stay calm and focused when everyone else is losing their mind. I recommend Kinzie as a trusted advisor who has great wisdom to impart for those smart enough to listen.” Kevin Trczinski, Founder, CASBAADirectory

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