Last night

I heard his pain
I felt his fear

Primal moans
Gasps for breath

I slowed as I neared

He was so very close
Close enough to touch

And yet so far from me

I ached to reach out
Alone in the dark silence
Too close to be safe
Nothing to do

Walk away

I hear his pain
I hear his struggle

I hear my heart
I trust my heart

Be strong
Walk away

He was dying
He was being killed
He was dying in front of me
Right there in front of me

These were his final breaths
These were his final sounds

Walk away

He was underneath
They were crushing him
Crushing the life out of him
Pain creating more pain

I looked down at them
They looked up at me

Walk away

I walked away
I did not look back
I did not close my eyes
I sent love

Four lives lost
One to murder
Three to anger

I am sending love

This is not my story
This is their story

I am a witness

Send love
More love
Love wins

All ways

– Kinzie