Kinzie is the Director of Connections Unlimited providing marketing communications and general business advisory services, developing cost-effective strategies and providing intuitive insights grounded in broad experience to clients determined to move towards authentic content in a world of hype.

Clients from around the world consider Kinzie their go-to personal holistic guide when exploring life balance, career guidance, green living, natural health, authentic connections, mindful choices, energy healing, intuitive support, managing change, or when they are simply in need of a positive energy boost … naturally.

In 1992, Kinzie arrived in Hong Kong with 8 years of leadership experience in volunteer organizations across Canada. After another 8 years in PR, F&B, media and recruitment, she founded her own business in 2000 to provide clients with insights and services her unique Asian-Western international expertise to professionals, businesses, agencies and nonprofits on a contract basis.

She has moderated tech panels, created wellness forums, presented to local organizations and hosted international speakers. Kinzie is widely recognized as a local pioneer, publishing a weekly email newsletter promoting natural life in the fast lane since 2001.

Continually developing her self-taught coding skills, she is the independent publisher of HK heartbeat, HK Fresh and Natural Hong Kong — the heartbeat directory, producing all digital and print content on her PC from global HQ in a local fishing village.

Kinzie holds a BSc in Consumer Studies from the U of S in Canada (self-financed) and a PhD in the school of life. Her hobbies include cooking for friends, exploring our global village, making jewelry, caring for her 2 adopted cats, spending quality time in nature, telling stories and sharing holistic insights in words and pictures.

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